Radio Tower Code Beacon Holder

Crackle Tube Holder

Tower with Crackle Tube, centerline tube, and Aircraft Obstruction Beacon; no shields.

Parts Pricing Estimates

Tower only $770 (orange and white powder coat) (weight 69 lbs)

Tower only $520 (bare galvanized steel) (weight 69 lbs)

Crackle Tube $1500 (estimated)

Crackle Tube electrical and mounting hardware $1000

Expanded Metal Shield Set $110 (bare aluminum)(not shown this picture)

Expanded Metal Shield Set $160 (orange)(not shown this picture)

Lexan or Glass Shield Set $tbd

KG-114 300mm Code Beacon and hardware $1200 (weight 73 lbs +)

Grand Total Fully Equipped is about $4500 in parts.


Add 10% to actual parts cost for me to get it for you.


Customer pays actual shipping with estimated weight being close to 200 pounds. It is likely that crating and shipping across country from California would be several hundred dollars.


I'll guess 6 weeks to delivery after receiving order.

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