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The KEGMETER Automatic Beer Tap

Put your mug under the faucet and the Kegmeter fills it up.  Simple and effective, yet very impressively complex.  A great conversation piece at the beginning of the party, and a helpful tool towards the end.  A technologically fortified beer dispenser for the fun at heart, check it out here - KEGMETER.

The RoboTap Beer Tower Remote Control Kit

A foot operated pneumatic remote control to augment your existing beer tower faucet.  Same actuator mechanism as the Kegmeter without the rest of the electronic controls.  Foot stomping fun!

Radio Tower Beacon and Industrial Size Crackle Tube Holder

A short radio tower designed for your residence.  Get that 300mm Code Beacon off the floor!  Protect your crackle tube from damage and abuse! If you already have (or want) a radio tower light or a giant crackle tube, this is the accessory for you. Lightning in a Truss!


Add a working pedestrian crossing to your living room - Walksign.



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