RoboTap Retrofit Kit

Robo Actuator Kit Setup

Have an installed faucet already? Why not retrofit it with this RoboTap actuator kit. Amaze patrons, friends, or relatives alike with its magically smooth and precise "man-in-the-loop" hands-free open-close action. This is the same high quality actuator hardware used on the Kegmeter, without the costly electronics!

Kit includes all parts necessary to add foot powered remote control capability to your faucet:


Shank must be pulled out to install hinge. Hinge mounts on shank between faucet and bushing. For beer towers, existing bushing between faucet and tower is replaced by a shorter bushing (provided) and the hinge. This maintains original length.

For wall mounting (only possible if faucet is near countertop due to actuator overhang), hinge thickness extends faucet out 3/8". Before dismantling, check hose side of existing shank. If it has more than 3/8" extra threads between hose fitting and mounting nut, then can use it. Otherwise a longer shank is required (Note - longer shank is NOT provided).

Both installations require drilling two 5/16" dia holes for the open and close air line pneumatic fittings. Recommendation is before drilling to install the actuator and try it out manually. Only if satisfied drill the holes. If not satisfied, restore the original configuration and send the kit back for a refund. For beer towers, holes are drilled in the top cap. For wall mount, holes can be put anywhere nearby.

Foot Controls


One foot control has a flange making it larger than the other. Two easy to remember phrases guide the user:

    Step on the small control to "get a little beer" It would be a "Big Mistake" not to turn it off.


The brass must be polished to maintain its shine.

PRICE $299.99

Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back!

In stock now with natural brass bushings to fit 3" diameter beer towers. Inquire for other sizes. For orders or inquiries, email

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