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What is a KEGMETER ?

The KEGMETER is an automatic beer dispenser and alarm clock.  It controls the beer faucet using an electric eye and an air cylinder.  When it's not actually pouring a beer, it beams out a continuous loop of user messages, time/date, and keg status displays to help you and your guests stay aware of your party situation.

The system utilizes only high quality hardware including MIL spec indicators, switches, and connectors. Its design has captured the essence of aircraft panel design. Even aerospace engineers are impressed by its technological styling.

Its got a tower which stands about 5 feet tall on a two foot square base. The tower holds an Electronic Control Unit (ECU) and pneumatically actuated faucet. The base supports a carbon dioxide system and a battery. The whole thing is on wheels so it can be easily rolled around (picture).

The carbon dioxide system includes a 5 Lb tank which will dispense more than 5 kegs.

A Die-Hard wheelchair battery provides over 48 hours of continuous party power.

The keg sits inside a big cylindrical SuperCooler. This cooler is on wheels too so it can be located within hose reach of the faucet. It'll keep the keg cold for about ten pounds of ice a day.

Why ?

The original intent was to provide an aircraft style BEER LOW warning for keg parties. That was 1992. It has steadily grown in capability since then.

How's it Work ?

The Electronic Control Unit (ECU) is the system's brain. It monitors a photo-electric proximity sensor (electric eye) which detects mugs under the faucet. When a mug is detected, it commands a small air cylinder to open the faucet. The 'air' for this cylinder is tapped off of the keg's carbon dioxide system. When the beer's flowing, the ECU totalizes flowmeter readings to determine how much beer has come out. When the desired quantity of beer has been served, the faucet is commanded closed.

What's it do when you're not having a party ?

That's when its alarm clock functionality pays off. With its dual alarms you can set one alarm for workdays and the other for weekends. If you leave the keg temperature sensor hooked up you can even get time and temperature displays like the outdoor bank signs have.

What's do people think when they see it ?

The unanimous impression is that it is "really cool." I think everyone would get one if the price was right! Oh well, some things are possible, others are not...

Anything Else ?

It's a "fail operate" design. You can always turn the faucet on and off the old fashioned way. Not that it ever will fail, but in the unlikely event it did, it can't spoil your party!

Its got a RS-232 serial port so you can take data during your party.

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