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Why Buy a KEGMETER ?

  1. It is a great gift idea
  2. It is fun to play with
  3. It looks cool
  4. It sounds cool - Not none, Not one, BUT two exciting puffs of air per serving
  5. Your Husband/Wife/Son/Daughter/Parent/In-law would really like it
  6. You'll be the only one around who has one
  7. You're the only one around who can afford one
  8. It'll get your son into the frat
  9. It has lots of cool hardware
  10. It is a great alarm clock
  11. It is still useful when you're not having a party
  12. It is cheaper than a new car
  13. It'll look great in the back of your HumVee!
  14. It'll help you serve a good keg
  15. You'll always know how much beer you have
  16. You'll be my first customer (still...)

Do you have any good reasons? Send them to Or, better yet, buy one!

Links Has the Keg-O-Meter web site ( which doesn't appear to work anymore.  These guys weighed the keg.  This is a pretty straightforward idea for walk-in coolers and such.  I didn't do it this way because of the ice.  As the ice melts I would need to keep track of the water or the weight would be wrong.  So I decided to use a flowmeter.  I once got a call inquiring about the use of the kegmeter domain name, have wondered if it was them.  I actually came up with "Kegmeter" because Kegometer wouldn't fit on my 8 character display!  Also sounded a bit more electrical, like voltmeter and ammeter.  Of course Speedometer, Odometer and Pedometer have the 'O' thing going... yep; a bit further down Google search clicked George Fairbank's Kegerator story which was a good read.

Speaking of Google, why doesn't my web site show up directly on a google search ?  I get a link to my brother's old college page and a suggestion I should try spelling it "Keg meter".  I've sent them my feedback weekly now for a couple months.  I have to wonder... If you scroll down to the bottom of the page there's an outdoor half keg cooler.  I should get one of these.  There is (unfortunately) sometimes beer left over after the party.  After a few days it gets hard to justify continuously replenishing the ice for the keg, even with an ice saving Supercooler. Highly evolved Automatic Beer Dispensing faucets for bars.  Not sure if you could get beer out of them if the power failed.  I think they could use an electric eye... Auper Draft Beer Control System - Interesting read on how much keeping track of your beer could save you if you were a bar owner.  A little depressing from the patron's point of view.  Could squelch buybacks.

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