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User Moving Message Displays

There are 4 user programmable scrolling messages in the display loop. They can be up to 239 characters long, although shorter is usually better. The content is programmed using the pushbuttons and 5 way MENU switch. First scroll to the Set Msg. mode, pick the message number (1 thru 4), then construct the desired message. Characters are added or deleted by pushbutton, character to edit is selected by going menu left or right, and selected letter is editted by choosing menu up or down.

Also can enter messages using a serial port from your PC or a Palm pilot.

Example party messages include:

Welcome to Bob's Birthday Celebration!
Happy Birthday Bob!
We're Glad You're Still Around!
... Get your Red Hook ESB Here ...

Get your Free Beer Here
*** Budweiser *** ON TAP
. . . . . . ........ . . . . . .

Drink Up, we don't want leftovers!
Go 49er's !
Go Charger's !
Thanks for coming to our 5th annual Super Bowl Party !

... This Beer brought to you by the Barnum's ...
Ho, ho, ho, Merry X-31mas !
Up, up, n'AOA
This KEGMETER is proud to serve your Holiday Beer

-/|\-/|\-/|\- Welcome to the Pig N'Whistle -\|/-\|/-\|/-
Happy Saint Patrick's Day !
Eat and Drink up!
Luck of the Irish to You

It's Independance Day
Welcome to the 4th of July Celebration at Saddleback Butte
View the Scenic Antelope Valley
Now Serving Samual Adams

An example non-party message:

Happy Aniversary!
Thanks for the great night!
See you this afternoon.
Don't forget your 2 o'clock appointment.

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