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Electronic Control Unit (ECU)

The ECU is housed in a splash resistant black anodized aluminum chassis. The chassis body is approx 9.6 x 7.2 x 3.4" and it weighs about 6.5 pounds. Lettering is engraved white and red paint filled. Screws are stainless steel.

ECU Front Panel

ECU Front Panel

Main Display

The primary display is located along the top of the panel. It is an 8 character 1.06" tall alpha-numeric High Efficiency Red LED 5x7 dot matrix display.

Master Caution Lamps

A "Master Caution" indication is provided by a pair of high intensity yellow LED lights. These are located down on the lower left. These alternate when an alarm occurs until the .ACK. (ACKnowledge) button is pushed.

Alarm Tone Generator

An alarm warble tone is generated by a piezoelectric transducer. It is located to the right of the master caution indicators below the alarm mode switch. It has an adjustable sound level shutter so you can throttle it down if it scares people too much.

Flow Beeper

Internal to the ECU there is a beeper which beeps every 2 ounces to tell you when the beer is flowing.

.ACK. Pushbutton

This button ACKnowledges the presence of an alarm. When an alarm occurs, the alarm message flashes on the ASCII display, the lamps flash, and (if the ALARM toggle switch is in NORM) the audio tone sounds. The alarm displays will stop only when all alarms are acknowledged. One alarm is acknowledged per push; therefore, if multiple alarms are present, multiple button presses will be required to acknowledge them.

ALARM switch

This 3 position guarded toggle switch provides alarm MUTE and TEST functions. Lifting the guard and selecting the MUTE position keeps the alarm tone silent. Selecting TEST sets off the alarm for demonstrations and to review previously acknowledged alarms. Closing the guard returns the switch to the NORM (alarm tone enabled) position.

SOV 1 and 2 switches

This pair of two position toggles enables the Solenoid Operated pneumatic Valves (SOV). SOV 1 opens the faucet, and SOV 2 closes the faucet. When SAFE is selected, energizing the SOV is inhibited. When ARM is selected, the SOV will operate in accordance with electronics command.

If the keg is left unattended, the SOV switches (especially SOV1) can be placed in the SAFE position. This will prevent beer / CO2 loss and collateral damage in case of a catastrophic electronics failure (fault to SOV energized).

PROX switch

This 3 position lever locked switch controls power and response to the mug proximity sensor. When OFF is selected, no power is supplied to the sensor. When STANDBY is selected, the sensor is powered up, but its output is ignored. When ENABLE is selected, triggering the sensor will initiate a serving. The lever lock is arranged so that the toggle handle must be pulled out to travel from STANDBY to ENABLE.

The STANDBY mode is provided to allow playing with the prox sensor without starting a serving. The prox sensor itself has two built in LED indicators, one green, one yellow. The green LED illuminates when the sensor is powered on (standby or enable). The yellow LED illuminates when an object is detected. The sensing range is 100 mm (about 4 inches).

KEG switch

This 3 position lever locked switch tells the software which size keg is hooked up. The lever must be pulled out to change to any position. This switch setting is used by the beer low, beer remaining, and time togo functions. Selecting 1/2 sets the full keg quantity to 15.5 gallons. Selecting 1/4 sets the full keg quantity to 7.75 gallons. Selecting OTHER is required to utilize other sizes, user set with the KEG SIZE option.

MENU switch

This is a five position switch. It moves vertically (up / down) and sideways (left / right) and returns to center off. The menu items are shown on the display when this switch is actuated. A menu item is selected by going in a direction perpendicular to the direction with which got you there. Generally, the main menu items are selected by going left or right, and sub-menus or measurement units are selected by going up or down.

CUP / ADD pushbutton

Depress and release this switch to initiate a serving. If a serving is in progress, depressing this button will abort it.

When in Set Msg. mode, depress this pushbutton to add a copy of the current letter.

JOG / DEL pushbutton

Depress to open faucet. When released, faucet closes. If a serving is in progress, depressing this button will abort it.

While in Set Msg. mode, depress to delete the current letter.

ECU Left Side Panel

ECU Left Side

Female Pneumatic Quick Disconnect

CO2 outlet to secondary pressure regulator (iced kegs) or direct to keg (higher pressure / warmer beers)

SOV1 Male Threaded Pneumatic Quick Disconnect

CO2 outlet to faucet open side of faucet actuator. Silver finish color coded.

SOV2 Male Threaded Pneumatic Quick Disconnect

CO2 outlet to faucet close side of faucet actuator. Bare brass color coded.

SENSE J3 Connector

Flowmeter and temperature sensor cable connection.

SENSE J4 Connector

Mug Proximity sensor cable connection.

J5 Connector

RS-232 data and spare output connections.

ECU Right Side Panel

ECU Right Side

J1 Connector

Battery connector. Designed for 31 Amp-Hour 12V sealed lead-acid type.

J2 Connector

External power connector. External power can be AC or DC with peak not to exceed 32 vdc. A 120 to 18 VAC 2.2A table-top transformer is provided for use with this connection.

Safety Relief Valve

Dumps CO2 gas when incoming pressure exceeds approx 35 psig. Has a manual lift handle for test or deliberate dumping.

Top Vent

Vents chassis to outside air.

Bottom Vent

Vent from SOV exhaust.

Male Pneumatic Quick Disconnect

CO2 inlet from primary pressure regulator.

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