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KEGMETER picture

Picture on left shows the basic setup except that the keg is not in its SuperCooler. The keg shown is a 5 gallon keg.

Electronic Control Unit

Located on top of the tower. Connects to everything thru a variety of hoses, quick connect fittings, cables, and connectors. Can be removed from the tower for stand-alone alarm clock duty. At top see 8 character dot matrix display. (more ECU info)


Four foot tall section of 5 inch on a side triangular steel truss. Has a handle on top which you can use to move the whole thing around. (back to top)

Wheeled Base

A 22" square base holds tower, battery, and CO2 tank(s). Sits atop 4 swivel shopping cart wheels which will (hopefully) last forever. Latest version base is 1/4" black powder coated aluminum diamond plate. (back to top)

Faucet and Handle Actuator

faucet picture

Strategically located just over waist high so it is an easy reach to get your mug under spout. Unfinished polished brass. Actuator kit attached with solid brass hinge and handle adapter, stainless steel actuator clevis and ball-lock quick release pins. Pins simplify breakdown for cleaning. (back to top)

Proximity Switch (Mug Detector)

Infra-Red optical switch detects objects placed under faucet to initiate servings. (back to top)

Secondary CO2 Regulator

Visible towards the top left behind the faucet is a Norgren low pressure regulator. This one drops pressure of 10-20 psi CO2 from primary (tank) regulator down to 6 to 8 psi which works best for iced kegs. (back to top)

Drip bucket

bucket picture

2 Pint Stainless Steel bucket to catch beer that mugs miss. (back to top)

CO2 Bottle

tank picture

5 pound CO2 tank is held upright by a strap which affixes it securely to the tower.(back to top)

Primary CO2 Regulator

Excellent quality Norgren relieving regulator with input and output pressure gages. This regulator provides 10 to 20 psi for faucet actuator or higher pressure (either more carbonated or warm) beers. (back to top)

Battery Box and Battery

battery box picture

On base plate behind the tower is the sturdy plastic battery box. Inside is a quality DieHardTM 12V 31 Amp-Hour rechargable wheelchair battery. It's sealed Lead-Acid Gel-Cel construction has no liquid electrolyte to leak and is maintenance free.

The battery provides power so there is no need to have 120 VAC near the keg during the party. This is as ideal for use at weekend campouts in remote locations as it is in the backyard or in the garage. (back to top)

Keg Coupler and Flowmeter

cleaning keg, coupler, flowmeter picture

Visible attached to top of the keg and also shown on right attached to a cleaning keg are the keg coupler and my old flowmeter (I need to update these pictures). The provided single valve coupler works with most American kegs, and alternate couplers are available for imported beers. The most recent flowmeter I have has male beer fittings on both ends and is about the same length as the keg coupler. A union conects the flowmeter directly to the coupler, and the hose attaches to the other end. Plus, the electonic portion easily snaps on and off the wetted portion simplifying setup and tear down. This latest flowmeter was designed to monitor blood flow without damaging the blood. Turns out this is the way to treat beer too; doesn't make the beer foamy. After use in the blood flow version, the wetted portion is thrown away. In this beer flow version, it means reasonable replacement cost if it ever got damaged. (back to top)



This is the SuperCooler. It'll hold 5.15, 7.75, and 15.5 gallon kegs in cool comfort for as long as you keep some ice in it. It uses an initial amount of ice to get the keg chilled down to 32 deg. After that it only needs a small bag (10 pounds) of ice a day to keep it cold. All this, and it is on wheels too! (back to top)

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