Residential WALK - DONT WALK Sign


Regulate pedestrian traffic in your home !

The ubiquitous WALK sign, seen throughout the land in many a popular intersection, but in only a few select living rooms...

Not just ornamental, it works !

Push the button and the sign comes to life. First you'll get a little DONT WALK followed shortly by WALK. Then flashing DONT WALK, steady DONT WALK, then lights back off to conserve energy until you push the button again. Only one thing could be more fun than that!

The picture shows the flashing action.  Click the walk button to see it again.

You can also trigger the light using a SONY remote control (I use my camcorder's remote). Besides the regular button type action, with the remote you can also freeze it on in the DONT WALK or  WALK modes if you want to use it as a room light.

A mighty Phillips 87C752 microcontroller is used to control the lights via two hefty (25 Amp) solid state relays. This circuit will work with any neon, LED,  or incandescent walk sign.  The one shown is neon.  

The octagonal cast iron base sits on a slightly larger 1 inch thick painted to match wood pad to protect your flooring.  It has a three prong power cord. The controller sits on the wood inside the base.


Just sitting there the pedestrian sign is stable. However, it is by nature top-heavy. To protect it and surrounding people (or equipment) from damage in the event someone runs into it or if there's an earthquake, it needs to be tethered to a wall, bolted to the floor, or otherwise restrained.  I provide a 5/16 eyebolt, swivel eye trigger type snap hook, and black nylon webbing for tethering it to a wall. The eyebolt needs to be screwed into a wall stud, not just wall board.

Closeup of base

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