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Walksign Price and Availability

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Buy the one shown for $670

A la Carte

Pedestrian Head, used, $100  (or less, source - ebay) 40 Lbs (estimate)

Pole, Welded Steel, 54" length, 4 1/2 O.D., $100, 50 Lbs

Octagonal Base Assembly $150, 75 Lbs

Wood bottom plate & screws, cut and painted $50, 10 Lbs

Slip Fitting (holds walk sign on pole) $30, 15 Lbs (estimate)

Controller $100 (hand wired prototype) 4 lbs (estimate)

Walk Pushbutton, used, $30 (or less, source - ebay) 10 lbs (estimate)

Remote Receiver kit $30 (IR receiver, cable, and sight glass)

My Proffit

Add 15% to actual parts cost for me to assemble and test it for you.


Customer pays actual shipping with estimated weight being a little over 200 pounds. It is likely that crating and shipping across country from California would be several hundred dollars.


Sign shown available now.  For new construction, the pacing items are the pedestal and pole.  These have a 45 to 60 day lead time.

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